Single-use Filling Bag

single-use filling bag is a single-use filling unit which is pre verified, pre installed and pre sterilized. It is composed of single-use liquid storage container, single-use bag filter, filling pipeline, single-use sterile connector, disconnector and single-use filling needle. The use of single-use filling system can increase the effective production time and shorten the downtime of filling machine and related equipment. < br / > le-fill single-use filling bag adopts multilayer coextrusion film, which ensures extremely low gas permeability, g

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High transparency film material is helpful to judge the auxiliary process

The components are pre washed to eliminate visible foreign matters or particles and reduce the level of insoluble particles

Cutting, welding and assembling are all in C+A environment

Flexible custom filling needle, suitable for different brands of filling machine

Carefully designed liquid pipeline to ensure the filling accuracy

Product data
Specification1-50 L,special specifications customizable
Operating temperature-45℃~45℃
Sterilization methodGamma ray irradiation sterilization (25-40 kGy)
Packaging formDouble-layer PE bag vacuum packaging
Membrane material information
StructureLDPE/EVOH/ULDPE (liquid contact layer)
Thickness0.325 mm
ComplianceISO 10993-4:Hemolysis
ISO 10993-5:Cytotoxicity
ISO 10993-6:Implantation test
ISO 10993-10:Irritation and Sensitization tests
ISO 10993-11:Acute Systemic Toxicity test
USP<85>:Bacterial Endotoxins-LAL test
USP<88>:Biological reactivity testing, in vivo, class VI
USP<661>:Plastic Containers European Pharmacopoeia tests,
Packaging formDouble-layer PE bag vacuum packaging

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