Bulk Dispensing System

With the rapid development of biopharmaceutical industry, more and more pharmaceutical enterprises begin to pay attention to fluid management, and liquid dispensing is a very important part of fluid management.LePure Biotech bulk dispensing system realizes high-speed dispensing in a fully automatic way, and equipped with a weighing system to ensure high dispensing accuracy.

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Technical parameter

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Fully automated processing and operation-free dispensing

High dispensing accuracy and high dispensing efficiency

Satisfy 10 mL-50 L dispensing volume

Complete the liquid dispensing of 20 bottles/bag simultaneously, more specifications customizable

customized according to the needs of multi bottle or multi bag packaging containers

Technical parameters
Technical specification Specific parameters
Control cabinet size 1000 mm*750 mm*1200 mm
Material SS304/SS316
Maximum volume after dispensing 10 mL-20 L
Maximum dispensing quantity 20, more specifications customizable
Tubing connection Pre-assembly sterilization
Valve (type, control mode, quantity) Pneumatic/electric, pinch valve, with customizable quantity
Pump (optional type and model) Any commercialized pump and pump head
Meet the standard Comply with FDA 21CFR Part 11 audit trail and electronic signature requirements
Control system Siemens S7 1500 series CPU + WinCC
Communication protocol Optional arbitrary field bus
Power supply AC 220 V 50 Hz 1 phase
Printer Non-adhesive label printer
Sensor Mettler load cell, with optional online integrity test function



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